vendredi 8 mars 2013

Use Underscore.js template with JSP/JSF

Underscore.js is a great template engine, simple et efficient, easy to learn.

JSF 2 is one of the most interesting UI framework around, many powerful frameworks have been built on top of it : RichFaces, PrimeFaces, ...

Using both JSF and Underscore is a great opportunity to produce high valuable applications.

But Underscore.js use a default syntax which is not compliant with JSP/JSF compiler.

This syntax is known as ERB style, orignally designed for eRuby.

Here is a sample of this syntax :

Loading ....

JSP/JSF compiler does not taste the "<%" directive since it is a JSP directive or an invalid expression for JSF 2.

Fortunately, you can configure Underscore.js to use another syntax !

Here is new settings for Underscore.js (mustache syntax):

Loading ....

You must put this code in a JS , just before using Underscore.js.

Now, template is updated with new syntax :

Loading ....

Now, you can use Underscore in JSP or JSF 2 pages !

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