dimanche 16 décembre 2012

HTML 5 Offline : Chrome App Cache refresh

HTML 5 offline is a great feature !

No doubt about it ... but when playing with it it in Chrome, you will find out this famous browser is pretty effective in caching things.

Indeed, HTML 5 spec is helping Chrome for that point : when you put a page and following ressources in App Cache storage, it can stay forever unless the manifest is updated.

So i first find out i can list content of App Cache using chrome internals.

Use chrome://appcache-internals/ to get App Cache content.

Now you can remove entries if you like :

This is pretty ineffective.

So, i've decided to create my own extension to deal with that.

Yes, many chrome extension exists for this but they come with a certain amount of complexity.

I want a simple tool to help me with App Cache and Cache : i don't want to deal with cookies, localStorage and the whole family !

So, here it is : Appcache cleaner

Chrome does not refresh "Application cache" folder in developer tools but try to reload the page : you will notice  Chrome download resources from your server.

You can find it on Chrome Web Store using  "appcache cleaner" words. Then choose Extension panel.

Enjoy !

Update : i've built another extension, the Local Storage Cleaner extension.

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